About Us

Firstly, thank you for visiting Luxe Library and taking the time to read about how we started! I’m so delighted to have you here. My name is Eavan and I am a recent fashion buying graduate and put simply I love handbags. I fall in love with every ‘It’ bag on Instagram, dream about the classics and spend hours watching bag unboxings on YouTube. The idea for Luxe Library began when I saved for my first designer bag. I really loved it! It elevated outfits and made me stand taller when I wore it. There is just something magic about the feeling of a luxury handbag. Only problem? I was still.drooling over other bags on Instagram and as a recent graduate I just don’t have the budget for them! Also, in my studies I learnt a lot about the effects the fashion industry is having on our planet and I am trying to juggle being a fashion enthusiast and making more sustainable fashion choices. That’s how the idea for Luxe Library was born. A library full of designer handbags available to rent on a weekly or monthly basis. I hope Luxe Library gives you access to bags you dream about at a fraction of the price so you can wear them and feel amazing without the significant investment! It will ensure that you can get the luxury-look you desire every season. You can rent a bag for an occasion, for a holiday or just to have a trend bag while it’s a trend and then be able to return it and get the next ‘It’ bag in a few months without any guilt. Luxe Library is a sustainable and wallet friendly way of accessing luxury handbags. I hope you are as excited about it as I am! After all, handbags speak louder than words.


Much love,

Eavan x